when diabetes was discovered

When Was Diabetes Discovered

When Was Diabetes Discovered

There are many theories about when diabetes was discovered, but there really is only one definite answer. When did diabetes become known as something serious that needed to be treated? When doctors began to see high blood glucose levels in patients they began testing and treating them for diabetes. They wanted to discover if there was an early warning of this disease that could allow them to treat it and keep it from getting worse. Once they were able to find out how they could test for it and maybe even treat it they were on their way to making diabetes more manageable and less deadly.

Unfortunately, the medical field is still not sure exactly how diabetes develops or when it starts. All they can say for sure is that lifestyle, diet and genes have all been linked to the development of it. This makes the medical world rather confusing because it is possible for someone to develop diabetes for reasons that have nothing to do with heredity. Yet when a patient with diabetes is treated with drugs based on a man-made theory, that person could very easily develop other conditions that are not related to his disease.

How long before treatment was known for when diabetes was discovered?

The first treatment for diabetes was actually based on trying to eliminate the symptoms that diabetics experienced. The first attempts at treatment were attempts to control blood glucose levels through changes in diet and exercise. When they failed to help the patients with these symptoms they moved onto trying to eliminate the disease altogether. Of course, once they discovered that there was no real cure for diabetes, they began to search for ways to help the diabetics maintain healthy bodies without needing to use drugs.

How long before diabetics were allowed to live healthy lives without the fear of long-term medication? The first diabetes medications were not very effective at controlling blood sugar levels. They did not keep the levels from being high enough to cause an emergency situation or cause damage to the body. This created many issues for those who suffered from diabetes and their doctors because they were quickly being placed in situations where they would need to be treated for high blood sugar.

How long before doctors discovered that lifestyle changes could actually prevent the onset of diabetes?

How long before a diabetic who was eating a healthy diet was able to eat more, exercise more, and still keep his glucose levels under control? These lifestyle changes did not occur overnight they took time to work. There were times in the diabetics life when they were not living a healthy lifestyle and diabetes was not being controlled by any means possible. It took time for those changes to take effect and create a healthier and longer life for the person who had been diagnosed with diabetes.

How long before a new drug for diabetes was developed that could help to reverse diabetic retinopathy?

This is a condition where scar tissue builds up around the eye in diabetic patients. If the scar tissue is not removed over a long period of time it can cause the vision to deteriorate. The more time that the scarring is allowed to build up the worse the vision will become. A treatment for this condition was developed that can help to improve the vision of a diabetic. The treatment for diabetic retinopathy has been in the works for more than ten years but it was a very long process.

How long before scientists discovered that the symptoms of diabetic ulcers were the same symptoms that are experienced by diabetic patients that are on hospice care? When hospice is used as a treatment for terminal illnesses the patients are being maintained at a level where they do not suffer too many of the diabetic symptoms that are so debilitating. The research that was done in this field took a long time to complete because it involved studying over fifty thousand terminally ill diabetic patients.

How long before a drug for diabetes is made available that will treat the complications of diabetic retinopathy? This question has been answered and the medication that the pharmaceutical companies are working on will be able to help relieve the pain of diabetic retinopathy. This is a very important development and all of the research that has been done in this area will continue to improve the treatment for this condition. This is a disease that affects thousands of people in the United States and all of them need to be monitored carefully by doctors so that they do not experience further complications with their diabetes.

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